What does Planit do

Specialized in the processing of Corian®

We shape Corian® and other exclusive materials in order to create beauty. A challenge that has allowed us to learn everything about the technical characteristics of Corian®. Furthermore, we love working with designers, architects and interior designers as they represent a precious stimulation: they help us to combine beauty, functionality and economic aspects harmoniously.

Why Corian®

Corian® can be worked with the same tools used for wood, but has no nodes, so it is much easier to treat, and allows imperceptible and endless joints. Thanks to thermoforming, it turns easily into three-dimensional shapes with curved, sharp edges and organic shapes. In addition to being malleable, it can be engraved, carved and used together with other materials.

Corian® offers many suggestions for its use in combination with lighting because, naturally brilliant and bright, if exposed to a light source, it becomes translucent, even used in some thicknesses and colours. Corian®, in fact, is not only white, as seen mostly. It‘s available in many different colours

The characteristics of Corian®

Corian® 2/3 is made of natural minerals and 1/3 acrylic resin.

  • It is resistant to the stresses of everyday use, knocks, scratches and smudges, and atmospheric agents.
  • The material Corian® is repairable. Its surface returns to complete beauty with a standard mild detergent and a sponge.
  • It is inert and non-toxic at normal temperatures and safe in case of fire: it only releases carbon oxides and a harmless and sparse smoke. This is why it is increasingly used in public places.
  • It is hygienic and compact because it is closed porous, the joints are imperceptible and fungi and bacteria do not take root. This is why Corian® is a certified hygienic material pursuant to international standard DIN EN ISO 846.
  • It is bright, warm to touch and elegant with a remarkable aesthetic presence, applicable to a variety of areas, depending on your creativity.