Ooh! is an oval bathtub in Corian® that can be personalised to almost any length. It is available as a freestanding tub, built-in and semi-built-in model or to be finished. It is characterised by soft lines and accessories including a drain cover and mixer plate in Corian®, water blade tap and concealed overflow drain.

Design Marco Devigili

Technical Sheet


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Freestanding oval bathtub in Corian®.

Internal tub and top in Corian® and fibre cement panels. Clients can finish the tub in ceramic tiles, wood, stucco or resin.

Built-in oval bathtub in Corian® to be set flush with the floor or in a custom-built raised structure, finished by the client.

Bathtub in Corian® that can be personalised in its form and dimensions, with ends to be finished.

Raised back available upon request.

Accessories: Corian® mixer plate and water blade tap.

Upon request: concealed overflow drain line.

Accessory: Corian® drain cover.

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