Schenk Winery


Schenk Winery


Ora (Bolzano), Italy




Public area


Marco Devigili Planit, Ora
joinery: Pichler ohg, Montan (BZ)


Jürgen Eheim


Made-to-measure furnishings in Corian®.

Schenk Italia, one of the most important wine making companies in the country, has entrusted us with the creation of made-to-measure furniture for the winery, a real job of architecture of spaces; the creation of the tasting area in Ora (Bolzano, Italy) where customers can be welcomed in a modern environment. Marco Devigili, our designer and product consultant, has taken full advantage of the company experience in production and thermoforming of the technical surface of DuPont™ and the characteristics of the material in order to create made-to-measure furnishings in Corian® for the tasting area, capable of exclusively enhancing the colour and aroma of the wine and creating a bright area. We have created a structure from plywood subsequently covered in Corian® 12 mm Glacier White thermoformed. All elements of the composition have been glued during installation using a Corian® adhesive sealant.

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