Characteristics of Corian®

Corian® is a versatile material with unparalleled characteristics. Among materials used in architecture and furniture design, Corian® stands out for its technical and aesthetic characteristics, which make it the preferred material of architects and designers seeking technical results and beauty.

Technical characteristics of Corian®:

  • Resistant. Corian® is a solid and strong material that resists the majority of impacts, scratches and cuts.
  • Hygienic. Surfaces in Corian® do not favour the growth of bacteria or funguses and guarantee seamless joints.
  • Non porous. Corian® is easy to clean because stains remain on the surface and are not absorbed.
  • Safe. Corian® is certified by important independent institutions for its hygienic performance (LGA QualiTest, NSF International e Royal Institute for Public Health) as well as being certified based on the NSF/ANSI 51 standard for food contact.
  • Non-toxic. Corian® is inert and non-toxic. Under normal temperature conditions it emits no gases. When it burns, it releases principally carbon oxides; it produces light smoke that contains no toxic halogens.
  • Repairable. Surfaces in Corian® return being to just like new using a normal detergent and abrasive Scotch-Brite sponge. More consistent damages can be repaired by invisible inserts of the same material.

Aesthetic Characteristics of Corian®:

  • Homogenous. Colours and textures are present across the entire thickness of this material and do not fade with the passing of time or exposure to light.
  • Continuous. Corian® panels are glued together to create continuous and large surfaces with imperceptible joints.
  • Translucid. Corian® is a translucid material because part of the light to which it is exposed penetrates into its thickness. This means it can be backlit using LEDs to create unique effects impossible to replicate with other materials.
  • Thermoformable. Corian® can be thermoformed at a controlled temperature between 145-160°C using two- and three-dimensional moulds and counter moulds.

The Sustainability of Corian®

During the production of Corian® panels, DuPont declares the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and technologies designed to reduce waste, which in turn becomes a raw material that is reutilised as part of the process. All of the facilities producing Corian® have obtained ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.
Discarded material is also reduced to a minimum during fabrication. Small pieces are used to create useful objects for the home.

Strong and durable, Corian® has proved its resistance over time. Above all in the public sector where this material has shown itself to be an optimum investment because it requires little to no maintenance aside from daily cleaning. Schools, hospitals, motorway service stops, airports, hotels and camping grounds all benefit from savings to the costs of maintenance and disposal.

The environmental performance of DuPont™ Corian® has earned it various certifications from such prestigious independent organisations as:

  • GreenGuard®
  • NAHB North American Builders Association
  • U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Green Building Rating System
  • Scientific Certification Systems, Ecospecifier

The hygienic performance of DuPont™ Corian® has also been certified by important independent institutions including:

  • LGA QualiTest
  • NSF International
  • Royal Institute for Public Health
Looking for more information about the technical or aesthetic characteristics of Corian®, or have questions about its sustainability? Contact us.






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