The Cost of Corian®

Corian® is often considered an expensive material. However, when evaluating price it is necessary to consider other facts aside from cost, such as the desired result, durability over time, hygiene and aesthetics.

Is Corian® a costly material?

The quantification of cost always depends on the specific project and objective pursued. In the production of reception desks, for example, a lacquered desk is much more expensive than a self-supporting version in 12 mm Corian®, which also offers the advantage of invisible joints.

Comparison with other materials

The substantial differences between Corian® and other materials lie in its hygienic performance, as well as its aesthetic results.
Surfaces in Corian® are assembled like almost any other material, however, imperceptible joints make the difference in guaranteeing absolute hygiene. Sinks in Corian® are seamlessly integrated with the countertop and splashes, ensuring hygiene and safety in the event of spills. Wood, marble, laminate, synthetic marble and ceramic surfaces are all optimum materials, though they are jointed using sealants that deteriorate over time and with use, favouring infiltrations of liquids and the proliferation of funguses and bacteria.

Spend a little more to get a little more

The highest costs of Corian® are often linked to its installation, which must be carried out by qualified technicians with the skill to create imperceptible joints.
In any case, the excellent performance of Corian® justifies its cost, also considering that elements made from this material are those we tend to use most often, from kitchen countertops to bathroom fittings.

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