Terra – The Magic Place

Project name:

Restaurant Terra – the magic place


Sarentino (Bolzano) Italy




Food Service and Hotel

Project Inside equipment:

Chief Heinrich Schneider and Gisela Schneider

Inside equipment:

Noselli Hotel Equipment


Stefano Scatà

Products Supplied:

Open kitchen restaurant. Custom design and installation of work tops in Corian® Glacier White.

Terra – The Magic Place is an enchanted location in the mountains. This historic inn has been converted into a charming hotel with a Michelin two star restaurant: the highest Michelin star restaurant in all of Italy. Chef Heinrich Schneider was personally involved in the design of the kitchen equipment. It was the chef who chose Planit and very carefully studied the use of Corian®. He was interested in aesthetic aspects, but above all else guaranteeing hygienic conditions for the preparation of food. Corian® met the challenge. We built and installed all of the work tops in this Michelin star kitchen in Corian® Glacier White, selected for its unparalleled hygienic and aesthetic properties.