Corian® for common areas in camping grounds

Camping grounds are vacation spots were people, sleeping in tents or trailers, share common services such as toilets and showers. Here Corian® finds ideal terrain for displaying all of its technical and hygienic qualities. This material is preferred over others for its resistance to wear, easy cleaning and repairability in the case of accidental damages.

A few examples of completed projects

Why choose Corian® for camping grounds:

  • because hygiene is the most important thing in spaces used intensively by many different people;
  • because it is resistant and easy to restore: all that is required is a Scotch-Brite sponge to return the surface just like new;
  • because it maintains its original colour and does yellow even under lengthy exposure to UV rays.
Do you manage a camping ground or are you planning one and interested in learning more about Corian®? Tell us about your idea.






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