Corian® furnishings for nurseries and schools

Design plays an increasingly more important role in spaces imagined for young children – such as nursery schools, kindergartens and workplace day care centres. Recent studies all tend to agree that the environment plays a role in creating the climate of wellbeing that helps small children learn and grow serenely. Each element is important, from furnishings to educational materials, from play spaces to toilets, all of which must be imagined at the scale of their young users.

Corian® lends itself to the creation of countertops with battery washbasins and tubs and changing stations. Hygiene is fundamental in this sector. Something that Corian®, a certified hygienic material in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 846 international regulation, guarantees 100%.

Trough basins are both playful and hygienic because children can have fun while learning to wash their hands. Filled with water, they become large tubs for games involving floating toys.

Made-to-measure tops can house round, oval, rectangular or a mixture of different washbasins. Beyond three metres in length, surfaces can be jointed on site to create a seamless top.

Tops with washbasins can be installed at different heights, allowing children of different ages to wash their hands in the right position.

In nursery schools and all spaces where parents may need to change a diaper, trays and surfaces in Corian® offer a practical and hygienic solution.

Similarly, a shower tray in Corian® can prove useful when there is a need to quickly bathe small children.

Why choose Corian® for nurseries and schools:

  • because it is hygienic: a fundamental characteristic in spaces where children spend much of their time during the day;
  • because it is nice to look at and touch, and small children need to come into contact with beautiful things;
  • because it is easy to work to create custom forms.
Planning furnishings in Corian® for a nursery or a school? Tell us about your idea.






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