Corian® for counters and reception desks

Corian® is a hard yet ductile material, because it can be thermoformed using two- and three-dimensional moulds and counter moulds into almost any form. Available in an infinite variety of colours and textures, it can be backlit by LEDs thanks to its translucid property.

These technical and aesthetical characteristics make it the right material for creating or cladding counters and reception desks – in bars, restaurants, wine bars and wine cellars; in pharmacies and drugstores; for reception areas in large corporate headquarters and in airports.

How do we create a counter in Corian®

When we talk about counters in Corian®, we generally intend a wood substructure finished in Corian®, or a self-supporting counter. The following section will take you step-by-step through the construction of the tasting room counter we created for Schenk Italia and a large three-dimensional self-supporting thermoformed reception desk in Corian® for Durst.

The counter for Schenk features two Corian® sinks as well as inspection panel on the front face.

A few examples of completed projects

Why choose Corian® for counters:

  • because it is a ductile and malleable material that can assume almost any form one can imagine;
  • because it can be routed to create continuous patterns or three-dimensional motifs which can also be backlit;
  • because it is hygienic, durable and resistant, three characteristics whose importance cannot be underestimated in environments put to the test by constant and mixed use.
Planning to realise a reception counter and considering Corian® as one of the materials? Tell us about your idea.






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