Corian® furnishings for hotels

Choosing Corian® for a hotel achieves diverse objectives: first and foremost, hygiene, because seamless and non-porous surfaces in Corian® inhibit the growth of bacteria and moulds; easy cleaning, because these surfaces are simple and fast to clean even with the most common detergents. Last, but certainly not least, aesthetics. Corian® can be used to create large continuous surfaces with imperceptible joints, or personalised forms and compositions. An entire bathroom can be made from one material that is luminous and soft to the touch, from washbasins to bathtubs, from shower trays to vanities.

In addition to washbasins and vanity tops with built-in sinks, Corian® can also be used to create shower trays, wall finishes and bathtubs. Made-to-measure shower trays can be fitted to even the most complicated spaces. A shower tray in Corian® has the advantages of being hygienic, soft to the touch under your feet and practical to clean. Wall finishes are made from 12 mm panels and can be smooth or engraved with motifs from a catalogue, as well as provide functional niches or shelves.

Bathtubs can be made-to-measure in any form that can be transported. From catalogue to fully customised models, they can be clad in fibre cement panels and finished in marble, ceramic or mosaic tile or resin. The Aquarius and Ooh! models by Planit are completed by custom edge plates concealing the tap set and a faucet integrated into the internal wall of the tub itself.

Triade 1 top mount washbasins by Planit and a free-standing vanity with an undermount towel rack, all in Corian® Glacier White.

Washbasins by Planit can be integrated into the vanity top or made-to-measure vanities, for a fully personalised bathroom.

A few examples of completed projects

Why choose Corian® for bathrooms and furnishings in hotels and other hospitality structures:

  • because it is hygienic and does not permit the growth of moulds and bacteria: an important characteristic for any space used by large numbers of people;
  • because it is easy to clean: there is no need for particular detergents or state-of-the-art equipment, all that is required is a common sponge and detergent. A notable savings in time and resources.
  • because it is pleasing and warm to the touch: ideal for spaces of relax, during a vacation or when traveling for work.
Interested in using Corian® for furnishings and bathrooms in a hotel or bed&breakfast? Tell us about your idea.






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